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Arthur Semyonov
Arthur Semyonov

The National Discography 20012013 MP3 V0

Great discography! Thanks so much!Have you considered including collections of only the late quartets? As you're no doubt aware, there are several notable, even legendary sets: the Busch, the Hollywood, and the Yale sets immediately come to mind. The LaSalle also recorded a set, and the Mosaïques recently released a provocative new set (although I don't think they have plans to complete a cycle by also recording the middle quartets ... but who knows?). I can't imagine a Beethoven quartet aficionado going without at least some of those collections!

The National Discography 20012013 MP3 V0

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Thanks for the comment - and apologies for seeing it only so late. I have not thought of making an overview of just the late quartets... at least not so far.But come to think of it, the Busch Quartet should have a fairly decently sized Beethoven String Quartet discography, if one collected all their recordings. Perhaps a "notable/incomplete cycle" page might be merited, sort-of as with the Beethoven Piano Sonatas.Yes, aware of the Mosaiques; they were among my top 10 recordings of last year: Forbes: The 10 Best Classical Recordings Of 2017I think that they will at least try to record the middle quartets as well, actually. I briefly spoke to them about continuing the cycle on Naive on a different label (before Naive was taken over and resuscitated) and they appeared very willing.Cheers, jfl


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