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Maverick Long

[PDF] The Curry Guy

So I highly recommend taking a peak at my authentic large scale curry house sauce. It freezes well too so you can make an amazing BIR (British Indian Restaurant) style curry in minutes whenever you want one.

[PDF] The Curry Guy

Over the years I have tried many different recipes for curry sauce and most of them are quite similar. On my home page, you will find all the Indian restaurant classics that you can make with this simple sauce.

Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the new book. I usually freeze my base sauce before adding water. This saves freezer space, of which I have very little. When you add the base sauce to a curry, it needs to be diluted. Don't worry too much about exact measures as it just isn't that style of cooking. Add water or stock until the thick sauce is about the same consistency as full fat milk. If adding vegetable, I usually add them raw. You can par cook them but it doesn't take long to cook the veggies in the hot sauce. Hope this helps.

Can't believe I've been so late to the party discovering this site! I love cooking 'authentic' curries but was missing the curry house hit - hurrah! For anyone else looking at the base sauce, DO watch as a minimum the end of the video as this shows how much you need to water it down - so don't just cook and blend the base sauce, then immediately add say 750ml of that to the madras (or other) recipe, it's 750ml of the watered down sauce that you're adding. My base sauce made 4x 750ml watered down batches. Thank you Dan! Have now downloaded the app.

HiThere is a tablespoon of garamasala in the large batch of curry sauce but none in the small recipe?( all other spices are scaled down to teaspoons))?Approx how many mls should the small batch provide?Many thanks

I just stumbeled to your webpage and I am absolutely thrild about I am so happy to have found your page. I am a moroccan girl living in Denmark and Iam so grazy about indian food, I can never get enough of it. But so many indian recipes on the internet (only written) are so difficult to understand and they never end up tasting as I was hopping But when I found your homepage with the videos showing and describing exactly how to do it I got so happy I am going to cook so mush indian food from now onPleas please please I have a favour to ask could you please show us how you make more of your lovely curry dishes??? Both with vegetables and meat. I really hope to see more of some of your great indian currys. Thnak you very very much


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