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Bar Bending Schedule Format In Excel

Most of the information in a BBS can be found in reinforcement drawings of the structural unit. Bar shape, diameter, length and spacing is directly entered in the schedule just by looking at the drawings, which will have detailed dimensioning.

Bar bending schedule format in excel

It is an essential tool for detailing reinforcement as per Indian Standard. You may be a designer, contractor, detailer or a supplier/manufacturer, the bar bending schedule spreadsheet can assist you in saving time while preparing bar lists, arranging, optimizing, or tagging it.

Bar bending schedule is used to communicate the design requirement of reinforcement steel to the fabricator and execution team and to enumerate the weight of each size of steel. It is a list of reinforcement steel bars, which includes size and number of bars, cutting length of bars, weight of steel and a sketch representing the shape of bar to be bent. Generally, civil engineers who are familiar in RCC structure are employed to prepare Rebar bending schedule. When compared to common quantity take offs, preparation of Rebar schedule needs excessive time for calculation. These calculations include cutting length, deduction of bend allowance within cutting length and summary of weight of each size separately. Insertion of any omitted items or revisions in the drawing may lead to repeated calculations and consume ample time.

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There may be other methods to find out bar bending schedule for column. The below method is just a guide. Some people will calculate for each floor, here we discussed the bar bending schedule for a column to a whole building at once.

There are times when we would like to show graphical information in a schedule. An example I use (from a structural perspective) is showing Rebar shapes as images in a Rebar schedule. This blog post will show you how to display an image in a schedule in Revit, creating a Rebar schedule as an example. // 350c69d7ab


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