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Where To Buy Cute Reading Glasses

Our collection of women's readers will provide you with a sophisticated look to compliment your personal style. We have a variety of frame shapes and sizes to suit any face. Shop our selection of reading glasses and eyeglasses to have you seeing clearly and looking your best. Don't forget to check out our blue light glasses for the ultimate computer light protection. Looking for new sunglasses, too? Consider our selection of cat-eye sunglasses and circle sunglasses for instant glamour.

where to buy cute reading glasses

These stylish reading glasses encompass the latest trends in eyewear, from classic and cool readers to statement-making styles. Shop this curated selection of hip reading glasses and wear them with confidence.

If your eyewear needs don't require a visit to an actual store or a check-up with your physician, there are plenty of prescription and reading glasses to choose from online. We narrowed down a few online glasses retailers that our editors love shopping. They all make the process of perusing through online glasses stores fuss-free and convenient, and there are options on the list that fit every budget.

Over 30 years ago, we invented the concept of designer reading glasses. We brought people (ourselves included) a way to escape the dismal offering of drug store readers without having to pay for expensive prescription reading eyeglasses at a traditional optical store. (more) The Ultimate Reading Glasses Collection

Eyewear is super-expressive. From classy cat-eye frames to fun, colorful wayfarers, these frames will have you looking your best. Get ready, because our selection of cute glasses frames are oh so playful and fun.

To make your eyeglasses feel extra cute, try choosing a soft pastel tone for their color. Pale pinks and blues feel soft and gentle, and for metal frames choosing a rich rose-gold tone is an excellent idea for a touch of cuteness.

Lensabl says it can put Rx lenses in any frames for these flat rates. To test this claim, I bought an $8 pair of foldable reading glasses (currently unavailable). Within two weeks of sending the frames and prescription to Lensabl, I had a pair of perfectly prescribed folding eyeglasses for less than $100.

Because presbyopia is caused by age-related changes to the lens of the eye, it isn't preventable or reversible. But experts say that the right pair of reading glasses, including those readily available at retailers like a dollar store or pharmacy, can help bring small print and other objects, like your smartphone screen, back into focus.

Another thing to keep in mind is the activity you'll be using the reading glasses for. Working on the computer, for example, typically takes place at a greater distance than reading a book, and thus requires a lower strength.

The over-the-counter route isn't right for everyone, Reynolds says, including people who have astigmatism (meaning the eye's cornea or lens isn't perfectly round) and those who need a different strength for each eye. In those cases, prescription reading glasses from the eye doctor are a better option.

The most popular choice of prescription reading glasses are progressive lenses, Reynolds says. They combine multiple prescriptions in one lens, with a gradual top-to-bottom change, allowing someone to wear just one pair of glasses to correct far-away, middle-distance and up-close vision.

For people who otherwise have no vision problems, Andreoli says that reading-glass lenses that are clear (nonprescription) on top are another popular option available from the eye doctor. They can be worn continuously and eliminate the need to take your reading glasses on and off throughout the day.

Reading Glass Value PackEver lived through a moment where you needed a pair of reading glasses, but couldn't find a pair anywhere? This value pack will solve this problem forever. 4 pairs of reading glasses for only $18.99. Each value...

The ExecutiveThe perfect reading glasses for sophistication and class. Gorgeous construction, perfect comfort. Basic Hinge but a wide feel. Comes with a hard shell case. Available in 4 different colors and these strengths. +1.50...

Reading Glass RepairNow offering to repair your favorite reading glasses. Order the service and we'll send you a shipping label to send us your glasses.Once we receive them, we'll inspect them and if they can be repaired we will do so and ship...

Pink Coral Wayfarers Great fashion, nice comfort. Wear with confidence any time any where and with any outfit. Clear pink coral will play off of your natural skin color and enhance your born beauty. An everyday pair of reading...

Better Than The Basic in Black Reader A new take on our Basic Spring Hinge reading glass. This frame is a little bit edgier with a lighter construction. Versatile, where it at home or at the office for a confident all day look. Spring hinges...

Better Than The Basic in Bronze Reader A new take on our Basic Spring Hinge reading glass. This frame is a little bit edgier with a lighter construction. Versatile, where it at home or at the office for a confident all day look. Spring hinges...

Better Than The Basic Gold Metal Reader A new take on our Basic Spring Hinge reading glass. This frame is a little bit edgier with a lighter construction. Versatile, where it at home or at the office for a confident all day look. Spring...

Better Than The Basic in Gun Metal Reader A new take on our Basic Spring Hinge reading glass. This frame is a little bit edgier with a lighter construction. Versatile, where it at home or at the office for a confident all day look. Spring hinges...

Reading glasses are commonly associated with aging. At a certain point, sometime after your 40s usually, your eyesight starts to diminish. It gets harder to read small text or in low light. However, due to lifestyle changes brought about by the digital age, people are starting to reach for reading glasses at a younger age.

Who says reading glasses for women can't be fashionable and functional? Not Vera Bradley! Our line of readers ranges from smart and sophisticated to sassy and fun. Plus, they feature blue light-filtering lenses to reduce eye strain. Find your perfect reading glasses today in just the strength you need.

The right pair of reading glasses add just the right dose of joy to your day. Glasses should be helpful, but also add that bright pop of color or pattern that makes your schedule more fun! Our collection of readers includes silhouettes and styles for every personality, all featuring your favorite hues and prints. You can look your very best at your desk and focus on the task at hand with ease thanks to these thoughtfully-designed reading glasses. Browse glasses with standard lenses and blue light blocking lenses. If you're always looking at a screen, these styles are definitely for you!These readers make diving into your book club's latest pick even more enjoyable. Many pairs are available in an array of magnifications, including +0.00, +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.50 and +2.75. You can easily carry your readers wherever you go with help from our glasses cases. These soft and stylish cases protect your lenses and make it easy to find your glasses in your bag, whether you're in a restaurant, at an airport or hanging out at home. Discover the perfect pair of reading glasses for you (or pick up a few to switch up your look whenever you'd like!).

According to the London-based College of Optometrists, ready-made reading glasses are acceptable as a temporary or occasional substitute for prescription reading glasses. But they recommend that you have at least one prescription pair of glasses that have been fitted to your eyes.

A good rule of thumb is to use the lowest magnification with which you can comfortably see, and work upward if you need. Low strength reading glasses (+1.00 or +1.25) are enough for some people, while others sometimes need to go above a +2.00 to read words clearly on a page.

When it comes to reading glasses, you not only want to choose a pair that has lenses to improve your vision, it's important to make sure your reading glasses frames are optimal too. From accentuating the shape of your face to complimenting your completion, the frame of a pair of reading glasses or prescription glasses can do it all if you know what to look for when you shop.

An oval face is probably considered the most ideal-shaped face because it is easy to balance with glasses frames. Simply pick glasses frames that have a width as wide or wider as that of the broadest area of your face. The width of walnut-shaped sunglasses or glasses is a perfect fit for an oval face as are many other styles of reading glasses frames that are available in almost any eyeglasses shop.

If you have a round face, it will look much like a circle. A round face needs some angles in order to off-set the continuous circular aspect of a round face. You sure don't want your glasses to be circular. Square or rectangle reading glasses frames are nice for this face shape. Cat-eye frames break up the circular look as well as the glasses will add to a variation. Because a round face shape has all curved lines, you will want to select shapes that are not round or curved. Angle shapes will give length to your face shape and eyeglass frames with a clear bridge will give a wider appearance to your face shape. Rectangular frames for readers and prescription eyeglasses are a fabulous style for round faces.

If your face shape is diamond, you'll find that it is narrow around the jawline and forehead but broad where the cheekbones are. Your cheekbones are likely very high-set. The diamond face shape is the least common. The ideal approach to suit this type of face shape is rimless eyeglasses frames or even oval frames or cat-eye frames because you will attract attention to your eyes. Cat-eye frames may be the best frames for a diamond face shape and you can easily get by with adding some glitz and glam to the eyeglass frames too.

While the shape and style of the frame of your lens are ultra-imperative to consider, the color of your lens frames is vital to think about when choosing reading glasses or shaded glasses as well. From the color of your skin tone to the colors of your hair and eyes, you'll want to make sure the color of the frames of your glasses is a good fit for you. 041b061a72


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