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Arthur Semyonov

Tipping Point Series By John O ((FREE))

On June 25, 2020 the court entered a consent decree in United States v. Heritage Senior Living, LLC (E. D. Pa.). The complaint which was filed on May 13, 2020 alleged that the defendants engaged in unlawful discrimination by creating and implementing a series of discriminatory tenant occupancy and eligibility policies and practices that exclude persons with disabilities. The complaint alleged that the defendants, who are the owners and operators of Traditions of Hanover, a senior living facility, violated the Fair Housing Act by, inter alia, enacting a policy that required residents who use wheelchairs to transfer from their wheelchairs into a dining room chair, enacting a policy that required residents who used motorized and non-motorized wheelchairs to pay a non-refundable deposit, and requiring residents to sign a lease that imposes conditions such as requiring an initial physical assessment as a requirement of tenancy and potential eviction if a resident develops certain health conditions. In addition, the complaint alleged that the defendants provided transportation as an amenity and that until 2013, that transportation was inaccessible to people who used wheelchairs in violation of the Fair Housing Act. Under the consent order, defendants will pay a minimum of $250,000 and a maximum of $325,000 into a settlement fund to compensate residents and prospective residents who were harmed by these policies. Defendants will also pay a $55,000 civil penalty to the United States. In addition, defendants will attend fair housing training, appoint a Fair Housing Act compliance officer at Traditions and other senior living facilities, and will implement new resident policies, including a new reasonable accommodation policy and a new motorized wheelchair policy.

Tipping Point series by John O

There are four waves associated with Pipeline. The left (which means the wave breaks from left to right from the perspective of a watcher on shore) known as Pipeline (a.k.a. First Reef) is the most commonly surfed and photographed. When the reef is hit by a north swell, the peak (the highest tipping-point of the wave where it begins to curl) becomes an A-frame shaped wave, with Pipe closing out a bit and peeling off left, and the equally famous Backdoor Pipeline peeling away to the right at the same time. As the size at Pipe increases, over 12 feet usually, Second Reef on the outside (further out into the deeper ocean waters) starts breaking, with longer walls (the unbroken face of the wave that the surfer slides across), and more size. At an extreme size, an area called Third Reef even further outside starts to break with giant waves.[5]

Performance Metrics. The 56 metrics selected for this report span health care system performance, representing important dimensions and measurable aspects of care and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where possible, indicators align with those used in previous scorecards. Several indicators used in previous versions of the State Scorecard have been dropped either because all states improved to the point where no meaningful variations existed (for example, measures that assessed hospitals on processes of care) or the data to construct the measures were no longer available (for example, hospitalizations for children with asthma). New indicators have been added to the State Scorecard series over time in response to evolving priorities or data availability (e.g., measures of maternal mortality and medical debt).

The company also has converted land in Grand Chute that had been targeted for retail development into Nicolet Towne Homes and redeveloped land along the Fox River near downtown Oshkosh into a series of projects that total 180 workforce, market-rate and senior housing units. In Door County, Northpointe has created 24 units of affordable housing in Sister Bay. 041b061a72


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