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Watch Jugni Movie Online or Offline in Full HD Resolution: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jugni Movie 1080p Download: A Guide to Enjoy the Romantic Musical Film

If you are a fan of Indian romantic musical films, you might have heard of Jugni, a 2016 film written and directed by debutant filmmaker Shefali Bhushan. The movie deals with a music composer who travels to a village in India in search of a golden voice. The term jugni has a double meaning; it means a female firefly, as well as a narrative device in Punjabi folk music that comments on the events with humorous or sad remarks.

Jugni movie 1080p download

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Jugni movie, and how to download it in 1080p resolution for the best viewing experience. We will also share with you some of the best online video downloader tools that you can use to download Jugni movie in 1080p format for free.

What is Jugni Movie About?

Jugni is a traditional musical composed by Clinton Cerejo and consists of singing contributions from several Indian film composers including Vishal Bharadwaj and A.R. Rahman. The film was distributed by PVR Pictures and released nationwide in India on January 22, 2016. It has been selected to be shown at several film festivals including the London Indian Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival, the Hague, Avvantura film festival, Zadar, River to River Indian Film Festival, FOG festival, USA and others.

The Plot

Jugni (Firefly) is the beat of the soul, the free-flying spirit. Jugni is Vibhavari or 'Vibs' (Sugandha Garg). Vibs is a music director, working on her first big break in the Hindi film industry. When work and home affairs, with her live-in boyfriend Sid (Samir Sharma) hit a high tide, Vibs hits the road with a glint of hope; to find music. The journey takes her to a village in Punjab in the search of a Bibi Saroop (Sadhana Singh), whose voice holds the promise that Vibs is searching for. But as the twist of fate would have it, Mastana (Siddhant Behl), Bibi's son and a proficient singer himself, is the voice and man who winds his way into Vibs' heart. From here on, Jugni is about striking balances, making tough decisions while trying to soften the blows and dealing with the studied dramatic turns and unpredictabilities of life and finding the place which one can call home; home of the heart, where the firefly is at her brightest.

The Cast

The cast of Jugni movie includes:

  • Sugandha Garg as Vibhavari

  • Sadhana Singh as Bibi Saroop

  • Siddhant Behl as Mastana

  • Anurita Jha as Preeto

  • Samir Sharma as Sidharth

  • Chandan Gill as Jeeta Jazbaati

  • Kartick Sitaraman as Nishant (Director)

  • Devinder Daman as Babaji

  • Divya Unny as TV Actress

The Soundtrack

The soundtrack of Jugni movie comprises 12 songs and 11 songs was composed by Clinton Cerejo and the other one was composed by Kaashif sung by the Oscar winner A. R. Rahman. The track listing is as follows:

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