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We Live, We Love,
We Serve

        Apostle Anthony Baxter Sr


At an early age, he was called by God. It was at that same time that his mind was engulfed in darkness. He was involved in sexual sin and drug addiction at a very young age, and while also being abused mentally and verbally he had no way out. There was nowhere to turn, and his parents had no understanding of what pain he was enduring. They did the best they know-how and he's grateful for that. God continued to speak to him, but he ran further and further believing he wasn't good enough. He held on to his suffering and his only way of escape. His hatred for himself kept him in a life of getting drugs and the fast life. Years later, all the things he used to do stopped working and everything began falling apart in his life. It wasn't until I had almost died from high blood pressure that he realized that sex, drugs, and money didn't bring happiness. Finally, after all these years, he turned back to his first love Jesus Christ. He loved him enough to bring people around him to love him until I could start loving himself. Today he's called to share what God has done for him with those who are suffering like he was and to know that God's loves is greater than we can ever know. He wants to heal your pain and fill you with His peace and happiness. Come join us and allow the Spirit of the Lord to bring healing to your life and training in the spirit that teaches you how to walk in the authority given us by Christ Jesus. we shall do even greater things then He did. To God be the Glory!

Our Beliefs






Here at MBKI, we believe in the 5 fold apostolic ministry. The Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and teacher

We believe in speaking in tounges and healing and deliverance, We believe Jesus died to redeem us to the father 

​We believe all money given is to go to the Widows and the orphans and to the building of Christ Ministry

Join us in taking back

everything that has been taken from your bloodline 



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