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The Lord has really been convicting me of my tongue lately. The Bible says “who can tame the tongue?” And every day I’m thankful for God’s grace because of the reckless ways I’ve spoken to people in my life, but I’m still here and blessed. I don’t deserve to be as blessed as I am due to all the trouble my ”smart” mouth has gotten Me into but God is teaching me how to stay silent when I need to stay silent and speak up when it’s time to speak up. These verses below(please click on the pic below to see both verses) Matthew 12:36-37 are the most convicting verses for me which always remind that we will have to give an account on Judgement day for EVERY careless word we have spoken. So let’s all choose our words before God and before others(his vessels made in HIS image) with a reverent holy appreciation for God..And with a reverent appreciation for his ultimate good desires and good purposes for our lives that He is creating for us everyday He wakes us up. Blessings to you all on this 4th of July Weekend MBKI family. Much love. I pray you all have a restful and blessed weekend.

Paul Weeks
Apostle Anthony Baxter


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