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Where Can I Buy A Veggie Bullet [WORK]

Veggie Bullet is a food preparation system that includes an automated shredder, slicer, and spiralizer. The official website is, with a registration date of May 2015. The screen capture below was taken of the product website in April 2017.

where can i buy a veggie bullet

As with other NutriBullet products, Veggie Bullet features a powerful motor and highly efficient blades that can make quick work of even the hardest of veggies. A recipe guide is included that spans over 100 pages, and should be sufficient to getting most consumers up and running quickly. There is an option on the website to add a larger hard cover book of recipes, but I decided not to purchase that.

The Veggie Bullet accessory or upgrade kit brings with it a number of special blades such as the Ribbon blade, Angel Hair blade, Udon blade and the Tornado spiral blade which will give you a fair variety to choose from. These blades will let you prepare your veggie noodles in as many different ways as you like.

Tired of cranking out veggie noodles by hand? You can have zucchini noodles ready for a veggie spaghetti in 10 seconds or make curly carrot fries in under a minute. The Veggie Bullet even shreds and slices. $130,

This deals round-up includes a Kenwood Multione stand mixer for 149.99(Opens in a new tab), a De'Longhi coffee machine at almost half-price(Opens in a new tab), and a Nutribullet veggie bullet on sale for 78.98(Opens in a new tab).

Elsewhere, we have put together the best deals on products with the family in mind. The Fire HD 8 kids edition tablet(Opens in a new tab), Silver Cross zest stroller(Opens in a new tab), and Philips AVENT natural newborn starter set are all on offer alongside more products for the little ones. 041b061a72


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