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RedNet Control: The Best Software for Controlling Your Red Range Interfaces and RedNet R1

How to Download RedNet Control and Why You Need It

If you are using Focusrite's Red range interfaces or RedNet devices for your audio-over-IP network, you might want to download RedNet Control, a free software that allows you to manage and control your devices from your computer. In this article, we will explain what RedNet Control is, how to download it for Mac and Windows, how to use it to configure your devices and create cue mixes, and what benefits it offers for your audio workflow.

What is RedNet Control?

RedNet Control is a software application that lets you remotely control and monitor your Focusrite Red range interfaces and RedNet devices over a Dante network. You can adjust sample rates, clock sources, routing, levels, channel names, device modes, and more. You can also create up to eight stereo cue mixes per device, with independent level control for each output.

download rednet control

Download File:

RedNet Control features a tabbed, browser-like interface, and the ability to handle up to 600 RedNet devices. Configuration pages for each device allow for adjustment to sample rate, Grand Master nomination, fan behaviour and other device-specific parameters such as network configuration.

Focusrite regularly updates RedNet Control to add new features and improvements. The latest versions are RedNet Control 2.4 and RedNet Control 2.8.4.

RedNet Control 2.4

RedNet Control 2.4 was released in September 2020 and added several enhancements, such as:

  • Dante Domain Manager (DDM) compatibility for all Focusrite Red audio interfaces and RedNet devices with Audinate Brooklyn 2, Ultimo and Ultimo X architecture. This allows administrators of large networked audio systems to assign different levels of access privileges to RedNet Control users.

  • AES67/AES70 compatibility for RedNet X2P and RedNet AM2 Ultimo X interfaces. This enables interoperability between Dante and different audio networking standards, such as RAVENNA.

  • AES3 Kill Switch function for RedNet D16 and D16R. This allows users to set channel pairs to automatically cut the AES3 transmission from the D16R in certain conditions, such as when the device is muted or disconnected. This helps downstream devices to distinguish between mute and fault status.

  • Background mode option for RedNet Control. This allows the software to run as a background application if needed, so MIDI control continues to function when the software window is closed.

  • Selective firmware update feature for RedNet devices. This allows users to identify and update specific devices that require a firmware upgrade, instead of upgrading all system devices at once.

RedNet Control 2.8.4

RedNet Control 2.8.4 was released in June 2021 and added more features and improvements, such as:

  • Apple M1 compatibility for the Red range interfaces. The installer includes a new driver for the Red range that works natively on M1 systems, as well as a new version of Dante Controller that works on M1 systems using Ros etta 2.

  • Channel mapping trim level cross points increased from -12 dB to -24 dB for RedNet A16R, A16R MkII, D16R, MP8R and HD32R. This allows users to adjust the input and output levels of these devices more precisely.

  • Output mutes with latching switches for RedNet A16R, A16R MkII, D16R and MP8R. This allows users to mute the outputs of these devices individually or in groups, and the mute status will be retained even if the device is power cycled.

  • Improved stability and performance for RedNet Control. This includes bug fixes, user interface enhancements, and compatibility updates.

How to Download RedNet Control for Mac and Windows

Downloading and installing RedNet Control is easy and straightforward. You just need to follow these steps:

Downloading RedNet Control from Focusrite Website

To download RedNet Control, you need to visit the and go to the Downloads section. There, you can select your product from the drop-down menu and choose your operating system (Mac or Windows). You will see a list of available downloads for your product, including RedNet Control. Click on the download link and save the file to your computer.

Installing RedNet Control on Your Computer

To install RedNet Control, you need to run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. You may need to accept some terms and conditions, choose a destination folder, and restart your computer. Once the installation is complete, you will see a RedNet Control icon on your desktop or in your applications folder. You can double-click on it to launch the software.

How to Use RedNet Control to Manage Your RedNet Devices

Using RedNet Control is simple and intuitive. You just need to connect your RedNet devices to your Dante network, launch the software, and start configuring your devices and creating cue mixes. Here are some basic steps to get you started:

How to download rednet control software for free

Rednet control 2.8.4 update with Apple M1 compatibility

Rednet control 2.4 features and enhancements

Rednet control AES67 and AES70 support for audio-over-IP devices

Rednet control AES3 kill switch function for RedNet D16 and D16R

Rednet control Dante Domain Manager compatibility and access levels

Rednet control cue mixes and output destinations

Rednet control channel mapping trim level cross points

Rednet control monitor mutes and latching switches

Rednet control firmware upgrade for specific devices

Rednet control background mode and MIDI functionality

Rednet control browser-like interface and device configuration pages

Rednet control sample rate, Grand Master nomination and fan behaviour settings

Rednet control network configuration and IP address assignment

Rednet control device discovery and identification

Rednet control system overview and status indicators

Rednet control device locking and unlocking

Rednet control device grouping and naming

Rednet control device routing and subscription management

Rednet control device metering and monitoring

Rednet control device presets and snapshots

Rednet control device synchronization and clock sources

Rednet control device latency and buffer size

Rednet control device input and output levels

Rednet control device input and output formats

Download rednet control for Mac OS X or Windows PC

Download rednet control user guide and manual PDF

Download rednet control release notes and changelog PDF

Download rednet control troubleshooting and FAQ PDF

Download rednet control software license agreement PDF

Download rednet control software installer from Focusrite website

Download rednet control software installer from third-party website

Download rednet control software installer from torrent or file-sharing website

Download rednet control software installer offline or without internet connection

Download rednet control software installer for older or legacy devices

Download rednet control software installer for newer or upcoming devices

Download rednet control software installer for different languages or regions

Download rednet control software installer for different operating systems or platforms

Download rednet control software installer for different audio interfaces or devices

Download rednet control software installer for different audio applications or DAWs

Download rednet control software alternative or competitor

Download rednet control software review or comparison

Download rednet control software tutorial or video guide

Download rednet control software demo or trial version

Download rednet control software crack or serial key generator

Download rednet control software update or patch file

Launching RedNet Control and Discovering Devices

When you launch RedNet Control, you will see a main window with a toolbar at the top and a device list on the left. The toolbar has buttons for accessing different functions, such as device discovery, device settings, cue mix settings, firmware update, preferences, help, and exit. The device list shows all the RedNet devices that are connected to your Dante network and recognized by the software. You can click on any device to view its configuration page on the right.

If you don't see any devices in the list, you may need to click on the Discover button on the toolbar. This will scan your network for any new or missing devices and update the list accordingly. You can also use the Refresh button to refresh the list manually.

Configuring Device Settings and Parameters

To configure a device's settings and parameters, you need to click on it in the device list and view its configuration page on the right. The configuration page has tabs for different categories of settings, such as General, Routing, Levels, Channel Names, Device Mode, Network Configuration, etc. You can click on any tab to access its settings and adjust them as needed. Some settings may require you to apply changes or reboot the device for them to take effect.

Some common settings that you may want to configure are:

  • Sample rate: This determines the audio quality of your device. You can choose from 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz or 192 kHz. Note that all devices in your network must have the same sample rate for proper operation.

Clock source: This determines how your device synchronizes with other devices in your network. You can choose from Internal (the device uses its own clock), External (the device uses an external clock source connected via BNC or Word Clock)


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